Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let's try this again

I think that post title has multiple meanings for me at this point of my life.

First, I am slowly getting back into photography, but at a different level than before. I think I put too much pressure on myself when I attempted to try a 365 project/blog. It was OK for the first 100 days and then it went sideways. I think there were two issues. On the one hand, I think I made my project into a chore. Oh...I HAVE to take a picture today and get it posted instead, I GET to take a picture and post it today!

I also became my worst critic and felt as if I didn't get the perfect shot every day, then it wasn't worth the effort. Once that happened, I gave up. In fact, when I went to scenic locations, I had no desire to capture the scenery, especially if I'd already been there before.

So, for now I'll start by sharpening my Photoshop and other editing skills. Going through all of my old photos I can definitely see improvement and areas where it is obvious I got lax or indifferent in my composition and subject matter.

The second meaning for me is my health and weight. About a year ago I was in the best shape of the past 15 to 20 years. My body fat percentage was around 12% and my weight was down to around 210. I had unbelievable stamina and it culminated with a near effortless climb of Mount Whitney in August of 2011. I did Whitney again this year and it was a little tougher this time around. My weight was around 215, but my body fat was around 25%. My endurance was OK, and I really did not get too winded, but it was definitely harder this time. Well, the bottom then fell out and I got on the scale last Sunday and was horrified to see that I had ballooned all the way to 232 pounds.  I have no idea what the body fat is, but it's got to be around 30%. So Kim and I embarked on a diet plan. I was at 225 this morning and feeling better (about myself anyway) than a week ago. I'll be back in the gym today and after that, who knows?

It's good to be back. Maybe I'll have photos to post soon.