Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 NHL Draft Weekend Day 2: First Round Part 3: Bob Miller and Daryl Evans

After we saw Scott Niedermeyer we headed back to make our "T" circuit. When we walked back towards Pico Ave., we saw Kings radio broadcaster Daryl Evans. I asked him if he'd mind posing with A.J. for a picture. He said, sure, let's walk this way (toward the L.A. Live area). We started talking to him about hockey and the playoffs in general. We talked for about 10 minutes and then A.J. posed for the picture with him. We continued to talk hockey when this guy walks up and introduces himself. "Hi, I'm Bob", he said. It was none other than Kings Hall of Fame announcer Bob Miller. We shook hands and then talked hockey for about 5 more minutes. Here is a Hall of Fame  member and he just walks up and start chatting with two fans (one of whom was wearing his 2008 Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup Champions t-shirt proudly, I might add). He is a real nice, classy man. Here is photo number 3.


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