Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 188 Fontucky Brown Ale

My nephew Aaron Nelson and I made a batch of home-brewed Brown Ale. We stated the process about a month ago and this is the first bottle. The official name of this batch is Fontucky Brown (Pride) Ale bottled by Nelson Bessey Brewery (est. 2011). 

            f/4; ISO 800; 1/30 sec. exposure; 18mm focal length


  1. So what did you think? I was satisified for a first batch. It has a nice head, color, and smell. I think it was a little over carbonated, but we new that might happen after we took the samples. But, still i think it was a good first outing.

  2. Here's what I think: The over carbonation was most likely caused by the specific gravity being off. That doesn't bother me too much, really. I think it was lighter than you expected because of the amount of water we put in to make it attain 5 gallons. I am not a big Brown Ale drinker, so I don't have much experience with that, but it had a nice "Ale" flavor and aroma. I liked it a lot.