Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 6 A.J.

This is not photo shopped except for a bit of cropping. A.J. is a bit out of focus because the exposure is so long and he got a cramp, but it came out OK. I think I'll try to explore this technique a bit to see if I can perfect it. I took this in the backyard at around 8:30 tonight. This will work better in a REALLY dark environment. The possibilities are endless.

              f/5; ISO 100; 30 sec. exposure; 34mm focal length


  1. Looks really cool, but what exactly did you do and why did it turn out this way?

  2. Set up the tripod after dark, set the camera to 30 seconds exposure time. Light AJ with the flashlight for about 3 or 4 seconds. Then walk into the picture, turn on the flashlight and trace the outline. Once tracing is complete, turn off the flashlight and get out of the frame ASAP.

  3. I've always been fascinated by long exposure tricks, pretty cool :O)