Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here's an idea...

As some of you may know, I've struggled to find my Muse as it relates to photography. I love to make photographs and I have some talent, but my motivation is just not there. I know it's laziness and the ease with which I find a comfortable spot to sit and vegetate is amusing, I suppose.

Aaron made a comment on that post that started my mind wandering (as it often does) and I eventually got to thinking about Aaron's 365 albums in a year project.  I know he struggled to blog it, but I also know it's something he likes to do. That aside I looked at the joy Aaron seems to glean from listening to music and then sharing it with us.  I thought about that after my last post describing my self pity for not being able to find my Muse. Then it hit me: why not post a photo a day for 365 days? I mean, since I can't even post one every day for a week, 365 days should be a snap, right? Well, no, I guess not.

So here's what I propose: In about a week or two I will begin the project. What I need from anyone who wants to contribute is ideas. I need a ton of ideas (well 365 ideas, anyway). I have some ideas that I can use, but those are easy.  One rule I need to abide by is that I need to make the picture on the day I post it. If I happen to be on vacation somewhere that does not have Internet access (the beach or mountains, for instance) then the posting that day rule will get bent a bit.

So there it is. post one pic a day. It doesn't have to be a great shot, just a photo I made that day.

I need ideas, people.


  1. How about photographing the simple, mundane things, like your breakfast cereal. You have your life to pull from which includes lots of interesting subjects in it :O) I'll think of some more and shoot them to you :O)

    I have a dream of taking on a photography project of photographing street beggars and their signs. About half the time I see one, they are holding a sign with an outrageous or confusing message. I think this would make for a very interesting piece of work.

  2. David is going through the hundreds (thousands?) of pictures we have taken as a family over the years. The most interesting ones: people. They've been treasured. The most mundane: scenery from too far away. They've been trashed. So this is my suggestion: Take photos of interesting people doing mundane things--or mundane people doing interesting things. I would imagine you can find plenty of opportunities for both.

  3. I tend to toss a lot of pics after I make them. I do not keep any long distance landscape (in fact, I don't make any more of those, either). This project will most certainly have its mundane days. I am getting more and more ideas every day. Thanks for the help Kellee and Julie!